Our journey began in 2018

HairWithFlair is a registered trademark International Hair Extension Company. Our high-quality hair products are unparalleled within an industry that has become saturated with inferior merchandise and companies that do nothing to value their customer base. HairWithFlair is proud to produce a one of a kind product that is known for its lustrous, 100% Pure Cuticle, Virgin, and Remy hair products from around the world, including Brazil, India, Mongolia, and Southeast Asia.

Designed by an expert

CEO and founder of HairWithFlair, Mrs. Ifeoma, is a passionate and successful hair extension expert with many years of experience. She understands that the quality of the hair her clients use enhances the detail of her work and grew increasingly frustrated with the low-quality hair available in the market today. Most of the hair that is labeled 100% human hair is actually no more than 70% human hair mixed with horse fiber or a synthetic substitute

We pay attention to details

Our attention to detail is what separates the brand from its competitors. Our Virgin Cuticle hair comes from one donor and our highly experienced teams and professional staff hand curls, seal, and individually inspect every single bundle of hair before it is shipped. This level of hands-on quality control ensures that any defects are identified and discarded promptly. Additionally, the use of 100% Pure Cuticle Hair means that our hair retains the integrity of the cuticle after it is textured. Which means a product that does not tangle like other brands on the market today.

We’re just getting started

Hair With Flair will continue to redefine the expectations of women on a global scale. Special care and attention are always put into collecting and sorting our hair to ensure that the natural color, texture, and sheen are maintained. It is time women expect more from their haircare brands and Hair With Flair is the right beauty company to make that possible.